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Flag display peeves veteran

Check out this letter to the editor and let us know if you agree or disagree with the writer. This letter will appear in the Orange County News on Wednesday.

Dear Editor,

While driving through Westminster this morning we noticed a proliferation of flags. The U.S. flag and Vietnamese flag were displayed together. This was cause for offense.

Both were displayed on par, with no superior position given to the U.S. flag.

This caused deep offense to our group. Why is the Vietnam flag being flown at all? It’s an insult to American soldiers — still dead — who fought for the people of Vietnam.

The Vietnamese people who were fortunate to be admitted to the United States should show their gratitude and respect for America, which provided refuge and pays for the city in which they live.

We ask that the Vietnam flags be removed immediately and never put up again.

This is the USA and its citizens provide all the benefits people from other lands access. The least these foreigners can do is show gratitude and respect to the USA and its citizens. The display of the Vietnam flag is highly offensive to those of us who served in the Vietnam War or who had sons die there.

Frank Ozoed

Garden Grove

GG Public Works joins social network

The Garden Grove Public Works Department is hopping on board the social network bandwagon and rolling out its new Facebook page featuring useful information and services.

The page can be found under Garden Grove Public Works Department.  It features significant projects, events, power and water outages, real-time alerts, safety messages and photos.

The Public Works Department will focus on topics of interest that increase community awareness.  The page will also offer two-way interaction with the city.  Be sure to “Like” the page and check back often for current posts.

The city of Garden Grove, the fire and police departments and the Garden Grove Community Foundation are also on Facebook.

Note that the Facebook page is not monitored 24 hours a day.

For requests, call the Public Works Department’s main line at 714-741-5375 or email

–Brady Rhoades

Learn about public safety from experts

The Garden Grove fire and police departments are holding a Public Safety Day from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, May 10 at Garden Grove Station #1, 11301 Acacia Parkway.

The event will feature demonstrations, allow residents to meet traffic, K-9 and SWAT officers. Also, there will be photo opportunities for kids, as well as free hot dogs and drinks.

For more information, call 714-741-5600.

–Brady Rhoades

GG teams take AYSO titles

Two AYSO teams in West Garden Grove, Region 59, won state championships.

The teams include the GU11 soccer team of the Garden Grove Galaxy Girls known as the “G4,” who are in their second season as a competitive soccer team, coached by Dave Morrison and Robert Mendoza and the boys U14 AYSO Extra team, the “Shockwave,” coached by Dave Morrison and Steve Howard.

See full story in this week’s Orange County News.

–Brady Rhoades

Is your home a beauty?

The judges will soon be out and about, so it’s time to work on that curb appeal.

Through April 28, Garden Grove Pride volunteers will be perusing the city’s neighborhoods in search of the nicest-looking homes. The volunteers will use their best judgment to choose just 23 homes in each of the city’s 17 zones, including their top selection, the Home of the Year.  Each zone contains approximately 3,000 homes.Garden Grove Pride is a home and business beautification program honoring residents and business owners who take pride in their community by maintaining and enhancing their properties.  Judges use their discretion in assessing general criteria such as maintenance, yard cleanliness, landscape design and overall appearance.

The winning homeowners, business owners, and judges will be honored at the 41st annual Garden Grove Pride Awards Reception on June 9, hosted by Mayor Bruce Broadwater and the Garden Grove City Council.  The 17 Home of the Year winners, along with the Best Water-Wise Home, are also eligible to participate in an on-line voting contest for the title of Garden Grove’s “Best Home and Garden.”

For more information about Garden Grove Pride, call the Office of Community Relations at 714-741-5280.

–Brady Rhoades