Monthly Archives: March 2015

Historic fact of the day…

Does anyone remember the Malathion spraying that took place in the 80s and 90s? The purpose was to combat the Mediterranean fruit fly.

Twenty five years ago, authorities began spraying in Garden Grove.

It was an eerie sight: three or four helicopters, in formation, whirring by and dropping the insecticide on Garden Grove and other Orange County cities.

–Brady Rhoades

This is NOT a weather forecast

Do you know that if we don’t run the astrological forecast in the Orange County News that IThi get calls from frustrated readers?

So… I try to get it in every week.

Speaking of which, I’m a Cancer, and here’s my forecast for this week:

CANCER: You’re challenged to emerge from under your protective shell, have a sense of adventure, step beyond comfort and tend to things more on the edge. Connect more deeply with others, creating heart to heart contact. This will further a sense of love, of self-expression and creativity, things you quietly seek. It’s also important for you to have some fun. What would that be for you?

I can answer that question. I’m off to Pittsburgh on Friday for five days of vacation with family!

–Brady Rhoades