Monthly Archives: April 2015

Getting a clear sign

This is true: If I don’t run the weekly horoscope in the Orange County News, I WILL get calls.

So I do everything within my powers to run it every week.

So, just for fun, here’s my horoscope for the week (Cancer): It’s best to maintain quiet mental contemplation in order that all the information, received at festivals time, can organize itself and setting into understanding.

Did you read that? Quiet mental contemplation. So, dear reader, go easy on me…

–Brady Rhoades

Extremists protest Schuller funeral

You’re familiar with Westboro Baptist Church’s antics, aren’t you?

The congregants of this tiny, extremist church show up at the funerals of slain soldiers, with vulgar signs protesting America’s supposed sinful ways.

I never expected to see them in Garden Grove, but there they were on Monday, at the famous Rev. Robert H. Schuller’s funeral, holding up signs such as “Schuller to Hell.”

You might wonder why. Read all about it in Tony Cheong’s column (Tony on the Town) in this week’s Orange County News.

–Brady Rhoades

Garden Grove icon dies

The Rev. Robert Schuller, who founded the Crystal Cathedral Church in Garden Grove and was famous for his televangelism on “The Hour of Power,” has died at the age of 88.

Look for the full story in an upcoming edition of the Orange County News, and on this website.

–Brady Rhoades