Monthly Archives: April 2016

Teacher sets world record at Boston Marathon

As if teaching 5 year olds weren’t a big enough challenge…

Eisenhower Elementary School kindergarten teacher Jami Marseilles recently set a world record as the first female bilateral amputee to complete the Boston Marathon.

She didn’t stop there.

After completing the marathon, Marseilles threw the first pitch at a Boston Red Sox game.

Read about this amazing woman in this week’s Orange County News.

–Brady Rhoades

Cold War issues still chilling…

What is this, the 1940s, the 1950s?

Nope. But you know the old saying that states the more things change, the more they stay the same.

State Assemblyman Travis Allen is doing battle with the secretary general of the Communist Party.

Read all about it in this week’s Orange County News.

–Brady Rhoades

Hail, Caesar!

I just have to post this photo of Marine Staff Sgt. Caesar (below).

A “Welcome Home” ceremony was recently held for Vietnam Veterans — who never received a proper welcome home — at Sid Goldstein Park in Westminster. Many veterans and dignitaries were present.

Caesar was one. He’s not what you’d expect, as you can see. But remember, dogs play a vital role in many military operations. Military canines can be counted among the heroes who do the dirty work to keep this country safe. Marine Sgt. David Palomares is Caesar’s handler.

Photo was taken by Loreen Berlin.

–Brady Rhoades